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3 Jul

Bathing suits for large breasted women (FAIL)

women in bikini

The sun is shining and I am off on my holibobs (don’t you just hate that word) in just a few weeks time. We are going to be spending 8 days in the beautiful town of Costa Adeje. So, in preparation for my holiday, I wrote a long list of items I will require on this trip….

Now, the first thing I jotted down was bikinis! I mean do I really need 8 bikinis, one for every day? Or shall I just take a minimum of 5, and rock two of them twice? Big decisions guys, I know you feel me on this one.

I search and I search for bikinis online, I check many brands but only a few steal my eye… many brands do not cater to women with big breasts I swear. Yes, I say to myself (i talk to myself daily) finally found my size.

So, the day comes… impatiently waiting for my bikinis to arrive, nervous also as i want them to fit me. After all, they are such beautiful bikinis – i know i can rock them in spain!

women cant fit into bikini

Yes, you guessed rightthey did not fit me!! At that moment, I knew a breakdown was about to happen. The bikinis fit perfect, but the tops were too damn small ugh. I ordered the biggest sizes on their websites (pretty little thing, femme luxe, river island).

Maybe the other sizes were out of stock, I don’t know. But all I do know is I have 3 weeks to find 5 bikinis guys. Yes, 5 bikinis, instead of the 8 as I can imagine trying to find 8 bikinis for my size will end up in the same result, ha!

Obviously, when I ordered the bikinis, I had to add some more to my cart including accessories, shoes and much more. A little extra shopping never hurt anybody after all…

I decided to do a little video for you on my youtube channel, a haul at my house – showing you the bikinis I bought and the rest. I know you will love them, and they will no doubt fit you. *cries out loud* 

You can check out the video I put up just below:

As you can see I these are the smallest bikinis of all time, oh and me talking about my EBOOK!!! 

WAIT!! Did I forget to mention I just brought out my ebook “Fashion never looked so good’ a book full of hacks, styling tips, body shapes, sizes and much much more… not only did this book teach me so much as I wrote it, but it is also helping other women. 

Make sure to check out my fashion ebook too as its strictly for fashion Queens only, eeek!!!

Sadie King


Sadie King is a self-made UK based fashion blogger that uses social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram to share valuable fashion tips and trends, with thousands around the world.

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