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Category: Fashion

Sadie King / Fashion
3 Jul

Bathing suits for large breasted women (FAIL)

The sun is shining and I am off on my holibobs (don’t you just hate that word) in just a few weeks time. We are going to be spending 8 days in the beautiful town of Costa Adeje. So, in preparation for my holiday, I wrote a long list of items I will require on this trip…. Now, the first thing I jotted down was bikinis! I mean do I really need 8 bikinis, one for every day? Or shall I just take a minimum of 5, and rock two of them twice? Big decisions guys, I know you feel me on this one. I search and I search for bikinis online, I check many brands but only a few steal my...
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19 Jun

5 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid Now

Today I am going to share 5 fashion mistakes to avoid making that will help you to stay looking good and fashionable of course, at all times. Far too often there are too many women I see making these mistakes, however by no means did I write this to call people out. Instead, I wrote this to help other women in the community and maybe f you notice that you are doing some of these things, then you can be sure to avoid them in the future. 1.Wearing clothes that are too big We think that wearing loose or baggy clothing will hide our lumps and bumps, but really it is making us look bigger. Try to not make this mistake by...
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19 Jun

How to get designer clothes for free

Below are the best 5 tips I have on how to get designer clothes for free. I put this list together through gathering tips from my own personal experience and learning hacks and tips from others in the community. Today I will share my best 5 with you so that by the end of reading this post you will know how to get almost any designer clothing for free! 1. Start a Clothes Exchange Club Get some shopaholics together and trade fashion clothes and shoes at home parties. The easiest way to do this is to start a shopping interest group on sites like meetup.com and find other girls in your town who love to shop. Members who join your group must...
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