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19 Jun

5 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid Now

Today I am going to share 5 fashion mistakes to avoid making that will help you to stay looking good and fashionable of course, at all times. Far too often there are too many women I see making these mistakes, however by no means did I write this to call people out. Instead, I wrote this to help other women in the community and maybe f you notice that you are doing some of these things, then you can be sure to avoid them in the future.

1.Wearing clothes that are too big

We think that wearing loose or baggy clothing will hide our lumps and bumps, but really it is making us look bigger. Try to not make this mistake by actually trying on tight/fitted clothing that will actually show off your body type. Remember there’s an outfit for everyone.

2. Wearing the wrong size bra

Do not get me wrong, this has been me more than enough times. But, wearing the wrong bra can completely cancel your outfit. Make it a priority to go into a lingerie shop and get them bosoms measured girl. You will feel heaps better with a fitted bra.

3. Wearing the wrong shoes

Walking in the new shoes you just bought, and suddenly you’ve fallen down in a ditch… Lol. Try on any shoe you buy, especially those that are 7ft high! walk around the store before you purchase them bad boys, or you may end up with a broken ankle or killer feet. You need to be comfy! A slippy shoe

is not attractive.

4. Wearing the wrong jeans

If you have a flat bum like me, I know it’s hard to find the right jeans. But do keep in mind that there is a perfect body cut for us all ladies. Go a size smaller than normal, otherwise, the jeans may stretch and ruin your look. 

5. Over accessorising 

Accessories are always a great idea, but overdoing it can become a fashion disaster. Make it simple, yet effective. If you are wearing a bold outfit, think twice about using your whole body up.

Heres the video that got lots of hate comments about fashion mistakes to avoid. If you still want more tips then watch this video as it will go through another 10!


No matter what kind of fashion sense you have then there will always be some good days and bad days. By reading this post you should be able to recover those bad days and make sure that you’re looking in tip-top shape 24/7. I mean cmon girl #FashionAtAllTimes right?

Sadie King


Sadie King is a self-made UK based fashion blogger that uses social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram to share valuable fashion tips and trends, with thousands around the world.

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