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19 Jun

How to get designer clothes for free

Below are the best 5 tips I have on how to get designer clothes for free. I put this list together through gathering tips from my own personal experience and learning hacks and tips from others in the community. Today I will share my best 5 with you so that by the end of reading this post you will know how to get almost any designer clothing for free!

1. Start a Clothes Exchange Club

Get some shopaholics together and trade fashion clothes and shoes at home parties. The easiest way to do this is to start a shopping interest group on sites like meetup.com and find other girls in your town who love to shop.

Members who join your group must bring with them one of their favorite designer shoes or apparel to the get-together. Then when everyone shows up they can trade it for someone else’s fab fashion accessory. Some people may even still have items with the tag still on them.

return item clothes

2. Wear And Return

This is the tip that I gave me which may seem pretty obvious but it honestly works like magic. All you got to do is buy the outfit and then wear it to the event of your choice before returning it to get your money back.

Please be aware that this means you cannot let the outfit get damaged in any way. So just make sure that if you get up to any funny business that you gracefully take off your #rented outfit gracefully first before getting down and dirty.

To return the item is simple. I usually send my partner to do this as he is a guy and they usually don’t ask guys any questions when he turns up and says “ I  know, she just asked me to return this item” after being asked what the problem is.

But if you find that you need to return this yourself then all you have to do is go in and say that after trying the outfit you found that it didn’t fit the way you wanted I to. And that’s really about it!

shop your friends wardrobe

3. Shop your friend’s closet

If your sister, mother, mother-in-law or girlfriend has an awesome closet, don’t be afraid to ask to borrow something! They will honestly feel flattered that their stylish friend wants to borrow something from their closet! I’ve done this many times and it’s a really fun way to mix it up or try something out before you buy it for yourself.

The secret really lies in finding classic, timeless pieces that you are willing to WAIT to purchase. Shopping the sales racks and buying tons of trendy items isn’t the best use of your shopping dollars. Using these tips and tricks, you can buy classics that are always in stock and always in style for much, much less.

It just takes some patience, but who wouldn’t want to wait a few months to save up for a pair of discounted Louboutins? It was worth the wait for me! I’ve wanted a pair for at LEAST 6 years now.

women credit cards

4. Sign up for a credit card with rewards

If there is just one nugget of information that your takeaway from this post, this needs to be it. This is the #1 way that I get free or cheap designer clothes and shoes.

I have an American Express rewards credit card that I charge ALL of my regular monthly expenses to and then pay in full each month. I rack up points just for paying the cell phone bill or the utilities with this card. You can redeem your points for retail gift cards to places like LV, Nieman Marcus, J.Crew, Coach, Tiffany’s… the list goes on and on.

You can also cash in points for travel, dining and entertainment packages; it’s crazy. But make sure you get the most bang for your buck and only redeem points that have at least a 100 point to £1 ratio.

I will let my points rack up for a year or participate in Amex offers to earn double or triple points on my purchases. You can sign up for the Everyday card, which is free, or the Gold card which has an annual fee.

If you are a business owner or a blogger, then getting a separate credit card is a GREAT way to keep track of your expenses AND earn points that you can cash in once a year for some free goodies to your favourite stores.

swap clothes

5. Swap clothes with others Using Apps

If you already have some type of designer then GREAT! Your 1 step ahead. You can swap out some of those old clothes that you think is truly worthless with someone else that can take it up and use it as new.

You will be surprised at how much stuff people will take off your hands. The idea of this method is to go on apps like DPOP and then find people who are selling or exchanging something that you want and then message them with:

“ Hey I just saw your item on your page up for sale, I really like the look of it but wouldn’t be able to pay the full amount of the cost right now. I was wondering if you would consider an exchange if I were to offer you my item as a swap or reduction for yours?”

Just something simple like that will do the trick. Of course, you will need to adjust it so that it fits for your circumstance but that’s the general guideline I like to follow.

And that’s it. After you will get a YES or a NO and if its a no then just move onto another person. After a few attempts, you will start to know what items you can do this with and hey, you might even build up a new fashion friend that you can swap stuff within future too.

Heres a great video from Emily Was on this:


As you can see there are many methods to get designer clothes for free. I recommend that you start trying out 1 technique from the list. And then once you manage to get a few free bits like that, then move onto to another. Check out some of my youtube videos for more tips. Good luck with shopping #ForFREE

Sadie King


Sadie King is a self-made UK based fashion blogger that uses social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram to share valuable fashion tips and trends, with thousands around the world.

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